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San Diego Service of Process was founded as an efficient and cost-effective way for San Diego attorney services and the San Diego legal community to handle the most difficult part of their business, serving civil process.


Most of our servers are bilingual (English and Spanish) and carry court-approved badges, which allows us to open doors that other servers cannot.  Our servers are tested on their knowledge of Civil Codes and Procedures and are expected to attain the CALSPro Certified Process Server designation (CCPS). We try to maintain a mix of strong veteran servers and a few motivated rookies who want to learn how to serve process properly. We have a dedicated crew of residential service specialists who know how to see through the smoke and get your service completed.


We are proud to work with the largest attorney services, law firms and government entities in the San Diego area and across the United States, and we want to work for you. Call now!


Service of Civil Process is not just a job for the staff at SDSOP. It’s a way of life. The veterans on our staff each have over 10 years of experience in the business, and our office manager has given over 20 years of dedicated service to the profession. The owners are hands-on operating managers and have been plying their trade for over 30 years each.

Process Server is a position that is held in high esteem at San Diego Service of Process. We understand we have the responsibility to ensure that the due process rights of the citizens are always upheld.


To supply: Fast, Reliable and Honest Service of Process at Reasonable Rates.

To demand: Exemplary Standards of Performance and Personal Integrity, from our Servers, Staff and Ownership.

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