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Small Claims Court Information

Need Questions Answered Fast???

Welcome to San Diego Service of Process

We Are Here To Help You!!!

  • Have a financial issue with a customer, associate, or other business entity?

  • Do you have receivables accounts over 90 days old?

  • Small Claims Court may be your answer.




  • You can file claims up to $10,000.00.

  • Easy to prepare and file your own case.

  • All forms available online and can be mailed directly to court.  Use our link to small claims court

  • NO ATTORNEYS are allowed. It will be your representative and the party you are suing.

  • We can help assist with all procedural questions and serve the opposing party.

Quick & Easy


  1. Fill out and Download SC-100 claim forms from the Superior Court website. (You can link direct from our small claims page)

  • Be sure to print 2 copies. 1 for the court & 1 for yourself!!

  1. File your case by mail - NO LINES!!

  • Donít forget to sign your claim form!!

  • Include your check for the proper filing amount.

  • Include a self addressed stamped envelope for return of your conformed documents with case #, hearing date, etc. on them.

  1. Alert SDSOP 1st, then mail or email a complete set of your SC-100 claim forms & your check for the service fees along with a work order request from our If you are emailing your documents payment may be made through the PayPal link on our website.

  2. Once served we will return an original proof of service ready to file.

  1. Deliver or mail original proof of service with copy to court for filing

  • Must be filed 5 days prior to hearing date.

  • Donít forget your SASE for filed stamped copy for your records

  1. You are now ready to proceed at your hearing. Remember to bring all documents and evidence to your hearing ready to present.


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